AR Coated Window for High Power Laser / WSQNAHP-25.4C03-10-355

These optical windows have high-quality and may be used when light is passed through the opposite side of the partition or in the vacuum chamber. Since the windows have anti-reflection coatings the transmittance is increased so they can be used as a window for laser irradiation windows and the observation of the sample.
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◦When you insert an window perpendicular to the optical path of the laser, the angle of the transmitted beam is not changed.
◦Since the high laser threshold coating is applied on the low scattering substrate, it can be used for the high-energy pulsed laser.
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RoHS Yes
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Guide ▶We also offer AR coatings in accordance to your wavelength selection.
▶Product sizes and wedges which are not mentioned on our website or in this catalog are available
Attention ▶When wedge type windows are inserted into the optical path of the laser beam, the beam tilt of about 0.5° is expected.
▶When used at a wavelength other than the designed wavelength, the loss of transmitted light will be higher.
▶When used at a large incident angle, the transmittance may decrease. We can provide AR coatings with highest transmission at a specific angle of incidence upon request.
▶When using a high-energy laser with thin diameter, there is a possibility that damage may occur. Before using, make sure that the laser beam does not exceed the laser damage threshold.
▶Wedged substrates are marked with an arrow toward the direction of front surface at the thickest point.
MaterialSynthetic fused silica
Surface flatnessλ/10
CoatingDielectric multi-layer coating
Incident angle
Surface Quality (Scratch-Dig)10−5
Clear aperture90% of the diameter
Wavelength Range355nm
Diameter φDφ25.4mm
Thickness t3mm
Parallelism ・ Wedge angle<5″
Laser Damage Threshold4J/cm2