Laser Beam Expander with Diopter Movement / BE-8.4-V-S

This is an optical system for expanding a small collimated laser beam to a larger one. Fine adjustment of the collimator is available using the diopter correction function. You can use in a high precision optical system like an interferometer or laser processing with lens designed for wave from aberration.

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◦The beam expander optical system is air-space with no bonded lenses and can be used for high powered laser applications.
◦With the Galilean type lens configuration, it reduces the number of aberration corrections and shortens the length of the beam expander.
◦By turning the diopter ring on the beam expander, you can have a varied collimated beam with beam divergence on the focused beam. A beam waist or an accurate adjustment of the collimation is required.
◦There is a wide variety with different magnification and wavelengths to choose from.
◦As for the beam expanders type for visible lasers (LBED, BE-V), the accessory (He-Ne laser connection adapter) has been changed to a separate product (LBED-ADP-1) from June 2021. For details, please refer to the important notice " Introduction to Laser Beam Expander Accessories".
◦BE-6-V-S and BE-8.4-V-S are modified versions of BE-6-V and BE-8.4-V respectively. They have extended diopter adjustment range for short VIS wavelength, and would be ideal for low-power laser.
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Catalog Code W3091
RoHS Yes
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Guide ▶We provide the laser beam expander holders (KLH-BE) for optical axis adjustment of the laser beam expander.
WEB Reference Catalog Code/W4147
▶We can also fabricate achromatic beam expanders with multiple wave lengths other than those found in on-line and in our catalog, call our Sales Division for more information.
▶Fabrication of beam expander for high-energy pulsed laser is also available.
WEB Reference Catalog Code/W3200
Attention ▶By using in the opposite direction, it will not create a reduction in diameter of the collimated beam. Please use the appropriate optical system by determining the position of the beam waist and the divergence angle of the laser beam.
▶Fluorescence occurred in lenses may be observed when visible beam expanders (LBED/BE-V) are used for high-power 405 nm laser.
Laser Damage Threshold 4J/cm2
φB φ36mm
φD φ36mm
Design wavelength 400 - 532nm ( Fluorescence occurred in lenses may be observed
         when using high-power 405 nm laser. )
Magnification 8.4×
Barrel Diameter φE φ40mm
Barrel length A 89.5±3mm
Weight 0.16kg
Mounting thread C M22 P0.75
Input aperture (Maximum) φ3.1mm