ME-Optics Selection Guide

The lens or a combination of these lenses found in this section will have limited applications compared
with single spherical lens but very high performance can be achieved in a dedicated application.

Beam Focusing
Type Features Applications
Achromatic Lens Chromatic and spherical aberration is minimized.
Large line-up of focal length and aperture.
Focus ability in low power lasers.
Imaging system for infinity object
Focusing Lens High laser damage threshold
Spot size is minimized and near to the diffraction limit.
Lens for various laser fabrication such
as laser marking, cutting and welding.
Objective Lens Highly corrected lens with high magnification
Large numerical aperture produces minimum spot size.
Fully usable throughout the visible wavelength spectrum.
Microscopic imaging for the visible,
ultra-violet and near infrared
wavelength spectrum.
Focusing a laser beam into a minimal spot.
Micro-fabrication for lasers.

Beam Expanding
Type Features Applications
Beam Expander Optimized design for minimum spherical aberration
Integrated design with reduced size
Magnifying the laser aperture
(for interferometer and projection)
Reducing the focal spot size
(by enlarging the incident laser beam diameter)
Spatial filter
(objective lens)

+ Achromatic lens
Large choice of expansion ratios.
Provides a high purified beam profile.
When using a very large collimated beam.
When changing the beam aperture
(with switching the achromatic lenses)