Adapters for Mini-Fiber Optics

Holders used for holding optical fiber strands of various jacket diameters (coating diameters). By replacing the mounting adapters (MFH-ADP), these holders can mount on various stages in addition to two-axis pinholes/objective holders.

Using the V groove and the resin clamps, these holders hold the tip of an optical fiber where the coating is removed for approximately 15mm. The V groove and the resin clamps also fix the 900μm jacket right next to the portion to immobilize the optical fiber.
The resin clamps have built-in magnetizable set bolts, and gently fasten an optical fiber by the magnetic force of the magnets of these fiber holders.
There is a keyway on the bottom of these holders. The keyway can be installed on the keys of various mounting adapters (MFH-ADP) to slide back and forth. The holders are securely fastened on the mounting adapters with set bolts.


Common Specifications

Primary Material Aluminum
Finish Black Anodized


Part Number Jacket Diameter
Cladding Diameter
MFH-250 φ150 - φ250μm φ60 - φ130μm 0.03kg
MFH-500 φ500μm φ125 - φ250μm 0.03kg
MFH-900 φ900μm φ125 - φ250μm 0.03kg


Part Number Overview Weight
MFH-ADP-1 For fixing flat surface (M2, M3 counterbored) 0.02kg
MFH-ADP-2 For fixing perpendicular (M2, M3 counterbored) to convert the 90° orientation 0.03kg
MFH-ADP-3 For fixing perpendicular (M2 counterbored) 0.03kg
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