Kinematic Center Mirror Mount / MHI

The Kinematic Center Mount is designed to allow the mirror to be loaded from the rear, keeping the reflective front surface centered above the mounting hole.

When this mount is rotated 45 degrees on an optical bench, the center of mirror will stay at the optical axis.
Cutouts and bevels allow these to be used as beamsplitter holders and not interfere with the transmitted beam.
Building the mirror frame into the support of the holder keeps the mount thin with a small footprint.
The small footprint allows more room to access the adjusters compared to regular kinematic mirror holders.
Includes alighnment pin holes to accurately place mount in OEM instruments (φ3H7 except MHI-12.7, which is φ2H7).

Common Specifications

Primary Material Aluminum (Brass only for MHI-12.7)
Finish Black Anodized (Chrome only for MHI-12.7)



Part Number Options Specified Compatible Optics Diameter Compatible Optics Thickness Clear Aperture 45° incidence
Beam Clear Aperture
Adjustment Range Resolution Weight
Reflected Transmitted* Tilt Rotation Tilt Rotation
MHI-12.7 - φ12.7mm 2 - 9mm φ10.7mm φ6.8mm φ5mm ±3° ±3° about 0.74°/rotation about 0.74°/rotation 0.05kg
MHI-25.4 UU φ25、φ25.4mm 3 - 10mm φ23mm φ15.5mm φ13mm ±1.5° ±1.5° about 0.4°/rotation about 0.4°/rotation 0.012kg
MHI-30 UU φ30mm 3 - 10mm φ27mm φ18.3mm φ15mm ±1.5° ±1.5° about 0.35°/rotation about 0.35°/rotation 0.013kg

* When light is transmitted through a BK7 plane parallel substrate of 3mm thickness.

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