Motorized Extended Guide Goniometer / OSMS-60A85R

High precision motorized goniometers with integrated bearing ways for superior stiffness, accuracy and durability.
Their smooth movement is ideal for frequent angle adjustment.
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◦Extended Contact bearing ways are machined directly into the main body reduce the number of parts and assembly time, making these very durable and cost effective.
◦Attachment pins (accessories) are ideal for positioning when assembling into αβ axis or mounting on various instruments or devices.
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Catalog Code W9080
RoHS Yes
CE Yes
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Guide ▶Contact our Sales Division if you desire to assemble into an αβ axis stage.
▶Manual type (GOHT-60) is also available. (WEB Reference Catalog Code/W7093)

MAX Speed 8°/sec
Stage Height 20mm
Stage Material SUS440C quench hardened
Sensor Part Number Micro photo sensor : GP1S092HCZ0F(Sharp Corporation) : Limit sensor,origin sensor
Type Opposite Model
Stage Size 60×60mm
Moment Stiffness / Yaw 0.3″/N・cm
Moment Stiffness / Roll 0.3″/N・cm
Limit Sensor Equipped (NORMAL CLOSE)
Lost Motion 0.02°
Positioning Slide Extended Contact Ball Guide
Travel Mechanism (reduction ratio) Worm gear (1:314)
Travel ±9°
Rotation Center Height 85±0.1mm
Rotation Center Deflection Accuracy Within φ0.01mm
Positional Repeatability ±0.004°
Origin Sensor Equipped (NORMAL OPEN)
Minimum Incremental Motion (reference) 0.5mdeg
Weight 0.75kg
Load Capacity 29.4N(3.0kgf)
Finish Super black chrome
Resolution (Full) about 0.00229°/pulse
Resolution (Half) about 0.00115°/pulse
Sensor / Output Logic When shaded: Output transistor OFF (no conduction): Limit sensor
When shaded: Output transistor ON (conduction): Origin sensor
Sensor / Current Consumption 60mA or lower (20mA or lower per sensor)
Sensor / Control Output NPN open collector output DC30V or lower, 50mA or lower
Sensor / Power Voltage DC5~24V±10%
Motor / Motor Step Angle 0.72°
Motor / Motor Type 5-phase stepping motor 0.35A/phase (Oriental Motor Co., Ltd.)
Motor / Motor Part Number PK523HPB-C12(□28mm)
Compatible Controller GSC-01、GSC-02、SHOT-702、GIP-101、SHOT-302GS、SHOT-304GS、HIT-M・HIT-S、PGC-04-U、HSC-103
Compatible Driver SG-5M、SG-5MA、MC-S0514ZU、SG-514MSC、MC-7514PCL