4 Axis Stage Controller / SHOT-304GS

4 axis stage controllers with built-in display and micro-step driver.

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Multiple operation modes:
◦Computer control using RS232C/GP-IB/USB interfaces
◦Manually operated using the optional control pad (CJ-200A) or dedicated controllers (JS-301, JB-401,JD-101)
◦Internally programmed using two banks of stored programs.
◦Remotely operated by other devices using TTL I/O.
◦Full closed loop control is possible when used in combination with stages equiped with built in glass-scales.
More Information
Catalog Code W9047
RoHS Yes
CE Yes
Download Product's Datasheet
CAD data
Guide Sample programs are available for download on our website.
◦SG Sample 32/64-bit version for Windows®(only for RS232C)
◦LabVIEW for RS232C (for v.5.1/v.6i/v7.1/v.8.6/v.2010/v.2012/v.2013/v.2014/v.2015)
◦LabVIEW for GP-IB (for v.5.1/v.6i/v7.1/v.8.6/v.2010/v.2012/v.2013/v.2014/v.2015)
▶Please click here to download a controller manual.
Controller Function Equipped
Weight 6.5kg
Power Consumption 300VA
Circular Interpolation Control Equipped
External Dimensions (W×H×D) 270×118×302mm
Driving Current 0.25 − 1.4A/phase
Ambient Humidity 20 - 80%RH(without condensation)
Number of Control Axes 4 axes
Linear Interpolation Control Equipped
Power Voltage AC100~240V 50/60Hz
Operating Temperature 5~40℃
Storage Temperature -20~60℃
CCW (−) Limit
CJ-200A ○ (Must)
CW (+) Limit
Jog Operation
Driver Function Micro-step
Trigger Output
Feedback Control GS
Port Output
Port Input
Position Appointment
Micro-step (Max. Division) 250
Motor Free/Hold
Acceleration/Deceleration Time 0 − 1,000ms
Machine origin return
Proximity Sensor
Origin Sensor
Deceleration Stop
Coordinate Indication Range ±999,999,999
Min. Driving Speed 1pps
Max. Driving Speed 500,000pps
Max. Travel to Set 268435455
Weight 6.5kg
Storage Temperature 20 - 80%RH(without condensation)
Number of Controlling Axis 4 axis
Control Output 5 points
Control Input 15 points
Absolute Position Drive
Relative Position Drive
Speed Setting
Stored Program Control
General Purpose Output 4 points
General Purpose Input 4 points
Emergency Stop
Theoretical Origin Setting
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