Motorized Crossed Roller Goniometers / SGSP-60A75

Aluminum body motorized goniometer with crossed roller bearings.
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◦Light weight with compact footprint.
◦Rotation center heights available: 75mm, 100mm or 130mm.
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Catalog Code W9034
RoHS Yes
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Guide ▶After purchasing two α axis stages, to assemble them into an αβaxis stage, assembly adjustment cost and performance inspection cost will be charged separately.

MAX Speed 6°/sec
Stage Height 35mm
Stage Material Aluminium
Sensor Part Number Micro photo sensor : GP1S092HCPI(Sharp Corporation)
Stage Size 60×60mm
Moment Stiffness 1″/N・cm
Limit Sensor Equipped (NORMAL CLOSE)
Lost Motion 0.02°
Positioning Slide Crossed roller
Travel Mechanism Worm and worm wheel
Rotation Center Height 75mm
Rotation Center Deflection Accuracy φ0.05mm
Angle Range ±7°
Proximity Origin Sensor None
Positional Repeatability ±0.004°
Origin Sensor None
Minimum Incremental Motion (reference) 0.5mdeg
Weight 0.65kg
Load Capacity 24.5N(2.5kgf)
Finish Black anodized
Resolution (Full) about 0.002°/pulse
Resolution (Half) about 0.001°/pulse
Sensor / Output Logic When shaded: Output transistor OFF (no conduction)
Sensor / Current Consumption 40mA or lower (20mA per sensor)
Sensor / Control Output NPN open collector output 50mA
Sensor / Power Voltage DC5~24V±10%
Motor / Motor Step Angle 0.72°
Motor / Motor Type 5-phase stepping motor 0.75A/phase (Oriental Motor Co., Ltd.)
Motor / Motor Part Number C9863-90215P(□28mm)
Compatible Controller GSC-01、GSC-02、SHOT-702、GIP-101、SHOT-302GS、SHOT-304GS、HIT-M・HIT-S、PGC-04-U、HSC-103
Compatible Driver SG-5M、MC-S0514ZU、SG-514MSC