Two Axis Motorized Crossed Roller Goniometers / SGSP-60B100

Two axis aluminum body motorized goniometer with crossed roller bearings.

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◦Light weight with compact footprint.
◦Rotation center heights available: 75mm or 100mm.
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Catalog Code W9035
RoHS Yes
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Guide axis stage, assembly adjustment cost and performance inspection
Attention ▶Preassembled for best perpendicularity of α and β axis stages. Note that if you disassemble the two axes, the optimized alignement will be lost.

MAX Speed 6°/sec
Angle Range/(Upper) β axis ±5°
Angle Range/(Lower) α axis ±4°
Stage Height 65mm
Stage Material Aluminium
Sensor Part Number GP1S092HCPI(Sharp Corporation)
Stage Size 60×60mm
Limit Sensor Equipped (NORMAL CLOSE)
Positioning Slide Crossed roller
Travel Mechanism Worm and worm wheel
Rotation Center Height 100mm
Proximity Origin Sensor None
Origin Sensor None
Weight 1.20kg (2 axes)
Load Capacity 19.1N(1.9kgf)
Finish Black anodized
Resolution (Full)α axis about 0.001°/pulse
Resolution (Full)β axis about 0.001°/pulse
Resolution (Half)α axis about 0.0005°/pulse
Resolution (Half)β axis about 0.0005°/pulse
Sensor / Output Logic When shaded: Output transistor OFF (no conduction)
Sensor / Current Consumption 80mA or lower (40mA or lower a per axis 20mA or lower per a sensor)
Sensor / Control Output NPN open collector output 50mA
Sensor / Power Voltage DC5~24V±10%
Motor / Motor Step Angle 0.72°
Motor / Motor Type 5-phase stepping motor 0.75A/phase (Oriental Motor Co., Ltd.)
Motor / Motor Part Number C9863-90215P(□28mm)
Compatible Controller GSC-02、SHOT-702、SHOT-302GS、SHOT-304GS、HIT-M・HIT-S、PGC-04-U、HSC-103
Compatible Driver SG-5M、MC-S0514ZU、SG-514MSC