Vacuum Compatible Motorized Rotation Stage / VSGSP-120YAW

Motorized SGSP-YAW rotation stages modified for use in high vacuum.

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◦The φ60mm size is best suited for use in smaller chambers.
◦The φ120mm size has a high load capacity due the larger bearing and larger motor.
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Catalog Code W9083
RoHS Yes
CE Yes
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▶Includes 1m teflon coated cables to connect the vacuum motor and vacuum limit switches to the chamber feedthrough connector.
▶Various types of bases and holders which can be used in vacuum environments are also available.


Rotation RangeCounterclockwise CCW direction to ∞ Clockwise CW direction stops at near 0 degree (−2.5°)
Stage Sizeφ120mm
Travel MechanismWorm and worm wheel
Positioning SlideCrossed roller
Stage MaterialAluminium
Resolution (Full)0.005°/pulse
Resolution (Half)0.0025°/pulse
MAX Speed20°/sec
Positional Repeatability0.02°
Load Capacity98N(10.0kgf)
Lost Motion0.05°
Censer typeGN-PT5M3B-1 (Metrol Co. Ltd.)
Limit SensorVacuum touch sensor (NORMAL CLOSE)
Origin SensorNone
Proximity Origin SensorNone