Vacuum Compatible Motorized Stages / VSGSP26-200(X)

Motorized SGSP stages modified for use in high vacuum.
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◦Linear stages have available travel between 35 − 200mm and has a similar footprint to the SGSP series.
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Catalog Code W9082
RoHS Yes
CE Yes
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▶Includes 1m teflon coated cables to connect the vacuum motor and vacuum limit switches to the chamber feedthrough connector.
▶Various types of bases and holders which can be used in vacuum environments are also available.

MAX Speed 20mm/sec
Positional Repeatability 10μm
Axes of Travel X Axis
Stage Material Aluminium
Censer type GN-PT5M3B-1 (Metrol Co., Ltd.)
Sensor Part Number GN-PT5M3B-1 (Metrol Co., Ltd.)
Stage Size 80×80mm
Resolution (Half) 1μm/pulse
Resolution (Full) 4μm/pulse
Limit Sensor Vacuum touch sensor (NORMAL CLOSE)
Lost Motion 10μm
Positioning Slide Crossed roller
Travel 200mm
Proximity Origin Sensor None
Origin Sensor None
Minimum Incremental Motion (reference) 0.2μm
Weight 2.5kg
Feed Screw Precision ground screw φ4mm, 0.5mm lead
Load Capacity 29.4N(3.0kgf)
Finish None
Resolution (Full) 0.5μm/pulse
Resolution (Half) 2μm/pulse