Excimer Laser Focusing Lens / ETL_EDL_NEDL

These lenses are manufactured with a synthetic fused silica material and it has a high transmittance value in the ultra-violet wavelength of 180 − 400nm. They have excellent performance and are idealfor focusing and imaging applications. There is no adhesive or heat absorption material used to produce these lenses, as a result they show high resistance to the ultraviolet light.

Common Specifications

Material Synthetic fused silica for Excimer Laser 紫外集光レンズ
Material of Frame Aluminum Finishing: Black anodized
Design Wavelength 248nm
Coating Uncoated
Acceptance Angle ±1°


Schematic Outline Drawing


Part Number Focal Length f Length L Numerical aperture (NA) Working distance (WD)
ETL-30-40P 39.6mm 22mm 0.34 31.1mm
ETL-30-50P 49.8mm 22mm 0.27 41.6mm
ETL-30-60P 59.7mm 22mm 0.23 52.4mm
ETL-30-80P 79.8mm 22mm 0.17 73.2mm
NEDL-30-100P 99.9mm 12mm 0.14 94.6mm
NEDL-30-150P 149.3mm 12mm 0.09 144.6mm
NEDL-30-200P 199.3mm 12mm 0.07 194.7mm
EDL-50-100P 100.4mm 20mm 0.24 87.1mm
EDL-50-150P 149.6mm 20mm 0.16 137.9mm
EDL-50-200P 199.1mm 20mm 0.12 187.8mm
EDL-50-250P 249.0mm 20mm 0.09 238mm
EDL-50-300P 298.6mm 20mm 0.08 288mm
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