YAG Laser Focusing Lens / NYTL_NYDL

YAG laser focusing lenses are air spaced triplets or doublets for YAG wavelengths.
The elements are made of crown glass of lower dispersion and flint glass of higher dispersion.
These lenses are optimized for spherical aberration and coma. With its spot size designed to be smaller than or equal to the diffraction limited spot size for beams at 1064nm.

Common Specifications

Material Crown Glass − (Air spaced) − Flint Glass YAGレーザ集光レンズ
Material of Frame Aluminum Finishing: Black anodized
Design Wavelength 1064nm, 632.8nm
Coating Narrow band multi-layer anti-reflection coatig for 1064nm and 633nm
Acceptance Angle ±1°
Laser Damage Threshold 1J/cm2 (Laser pulse width 10ns, repetition frequency 20Hz)


Schematic Outline Drawing


Part Number Maximum Lens Diameter
Focal Length
Clear Aperture
Lens Mounting Thread
Protective Window Thread
Thread Length
Numerical aperture
Working Distance
NYTL-25-20PY1 φ25mm 20mm φ32mm φ20mm 22mm M29 P0.75 M22 P0.75 6mm 0.5 9mm
NYTL-30-30PY1 φ30mm 30mm φ36mm φ27mm 22mm M34 P0.75 M28 P0.75 6.5mm 0.45 19.1mm
NYTL-30-40PY1 φ30mm 40mm φ36mm φ26.5mm 19mm M34 P0.75 M28 P0.75 4mm 0.33 30.9mm
NYTL-30-50PY1 φ30mm 50mm φ36mm φ25.5mm 19mm M34 P0.75 M28 P0.75 3.5mm 0.25 41.4mm
NYDL-30-100PY1 φ30mm 100.1mm φ36mm φ27mm 14mm M34 P0.75 M34 P0.75 4mm 0.14 88.4mm
NYDL-30-150PY1 φ30mm 149.3mm φ36mm φ27mm 12mm M34 P0.75 M34 P0.75 4mm 0.09 140mm
NYDL-30-60PY1 φ30mm 59.9mm φ36mm φ27mm 17mm M34 P0.75 M34 P0.75 4mm 0.23 41.1mm
NYDL-30-80PY1 φ30mm 79.9mm φ36mm φ27mm 15mm M34 P0.75 M34 P0.75 4mm 0.17 67.6mm
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